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This set includes:
Tom Tom with mallets (1), 5" (13 Cm) Brass Cymbal With Knob (1pair),
5" (13 Cm) Triangle Set (2), Sand Blocks (2 pair), Tap-a-taps (2 Pair),
Tone Block with Mallet (1), Guiro Tone Block with Mallet (1), Rhythm Sticks (fluted And Plain) (3 Pair), Wrist Bells (4), Jingle Tap (2), Snare Boy With Mallet (2), Tom Boy with Mallet (1), 7" (18 Cm) Tambourine (2),
Handle Castanet (2), Conductor Baton (1), Fun With Rhythm Instruments Book(1), Deluxe Container (1). Contents May Vary.
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